So, this weekend I was standing next to my size 4 sister (who was at the time bedecked in a gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress that looked like it was made especially for her) wearing a lavender poof that they couldn’t even zip closed when I realized:

  1. time to take my doctor’s advice (..“you know, if you were in better shape, it might help stabilize the meds…”) and start working out
  2. time to switch from beer to wine, and maybe (the horror!) cut back on it all
  3. this process is really designed to make brides feel great and bridesmaids feel shitty— why else would they even make lavender dresses?
  4. I must really love my sister to be putting up with feeling like this about myself, and to be actually considering cutting back on the cocktails for god’s sake; and
  5. I have been officially brainwashed by mass-media