This being 7/11, Brian and I have officially been married 7 years. Traditional gifts for year 7 are copper and wool. The modern alternative is desk sets.

Desk sets?!? What I love about Brian is that he knows I will kick his ass if he ever gives me a desk set as an anniversary gift.

Usually, for our anniversary we choose one gift that we both give to each other— something we both want and will use together. We’re trying to decide if year 7 is going be the year of Center Arts season tickets (got to see John Cleese!), or home entertainment systems. I kind of wanted it to be the year of puppies, but Brian nixed that one. I think his actual words were “Hell No”.

It has already been the year of new closet doors which is much more exciting than it sounds. Now I can see all my shoes!

One thing we’re sure of though— this year is going to be a helluva lot less about desk sets than the last.