1. Assume that no one, except for about 5 women that you know will cut you some slack, reads your site.
  2. Launch a redesign on Sunday afternoon before it’s completely ready, just to get it up there and off your plate.
  3. Happen to launch about the same time as the redesign of a famous web zine that uses Georgia much better than you do, and made sure they didn’t launch before they were ready.

I am working on the IE issues. I really am. But I have a day job where I have to kiss IE’s ass far too much, and here on my personal site it gets to take a back seat. This helps to keep me sane.

Thank you so much to whoever submitted my site to CSSBeauty, and to those of you coming from there— welcome! I am honored to be featured there, and slightly embarrassed. I’m working on the IE issues. I really am.