You know you’re in trouble when Vic Chesnutt perfectly sums up your mood.

My motivation is gone, and I have too much to do.

Today I had two cups of coffee, then went out to breakfast and had three more. When we got back, the dog had eaten all the cat’s food again, and I couldn’t even yell at her, because I had big plans to take a nap cuddled up with both of them. Which I proceeded to do for two hours. Now I am drinking more coffee.

It has seemed like dusk all day, which isn’t helping. I need to be working. I have to give a talk in about a week, and have no idea what I’m going to say. I am dealing with this fact by avoiding it entirely. The amount of crap I have to wade through at work before I leave for the wedding is inexpressible.

I was supposed to be creative today, or at least get the talk together. I just can’t make myself care.