This title was supplied by Brian, who very patiently listened to me go on about how my feeds were broken and I had no idea why. When I told him I finally figured out that it was because of some extra whitespace in my comments.php file, he said “That sounds like the punchline to a really geeky joke.” And it pretty much is. Anyway, my feeds are fixed.

I leave tomorrow to go to the E-recruitment conference, where I will be speaking. The preparation has been pretty torturous, and I’m dreading the punchline to come.

The plane ride may be a good time to ponder what Chris just wrote, as I delve more and more into marketing and try to figure out how to balance all the separate and conflicting pulls at my expertise. I’m looking forward to meeting folks in the same boat, so say Hi if you’re there, and maybe we can have a margarita or some coffee.

I’ll put my slides up here this weekend when I get back from sunny San Diego. Til then, you’ll have a (much needed?) break from my really geeky jokes.