My newest work project has just gone live: the Humboldt State University Web Office site.

The most interesting part for anyone not at HSU is that the site has an “Articles” section where I will be posting information targeted toward beginning web developers. Articles will be focusing on accessibility, web standards, CSS, SEO, tools to help you make good sites, techniques, etc.

There will be some link blogging— pointing out good articles by others that are useful for beginners with a short post— which is something I don’t really like to do here. There will also be original stuff by me. I think of it as a kind of a knowledge dump— passing on that information that now resides only in my head and my personal bookmarks in hopes of seeing a light-bulb or two go off at HSU.

I am just starting to populate that section of the site now— if you have any favorite articles that may fit in, please let me know.

A second goal of the site was to develop a standards-based template that will be offered up for download by folks within the university for use on HSU sites. We have not had any previously, and they are much needed. So the design you see was meant to be simple and work under many circumstances, and also look official. It also needs no hacks for IE, which was a very pleasant surprise when I tested it!

Anyway, enjoy, and point me to your favorite resources.