In the tradition of Good Riddance 2003, I’d like to take some time to point out the things I would like to just end already with the end of 2005. Here we go:

  1. Stupid little icons. I’m sick of web sites that rely on icons. Just do it with the typography already.
  2. Bright plasticy looking design elements. It’s been taken far enough.
  3. Giant headers. If you can’t fill up the space, just don’t post.
  4. University sites designed using the school colors. I know this will never go away, but come on— there’s no way to make that look good.
  5. Wicked worn— it’s worn out.
  6. The XHTML / HTML debate. I’m bored to tears thinking about it long enough to write this list item.

Yes, you can tell how much I love the holiday hullaballoo, can’t you? Well, at least I got a gnome, which is guarenteed to keep my spirits up this season.