Prabhath hit me with a meme.

One Year Ago

April 06, 2005 I wrote this, which is still one of my favorite posts ever. I was still riding high from my first trip to SXSW and working on redesigning my site. The fruit of that effort is what you see now. I had been the Web Manager at HSU for about a year, and was just starting to get things happening. I had recently hired Charles, which was the best decision ever.

Five Years Ago

This one is amazing to me. Five years ago we were living in Seattle, Washington while Brian did a post-doctoral fellowship. I was working part-time as the webmaster for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, and spending my free time knitting and reading as much as humanly possible about CSS. We were living on a shoe-string, not sure where we would end up and how hard it would be for Brian and I to get real jobs. We ended up lucking out on that one.

Ten Years Ago

In April 1996, I was in grad school in North Carolina. Brian and I had just met in January, so we were enjoying the first few months of a new relationship. In June we went on a collection trip for Brian’s research in which we drove all the way across the country— the famous “God Damn It, Andrea” trip during which we almost broke up, Brian almost stepped on a rattlesnake, and I made up a bunch of directions instead of reading the map for some reason. I have yet to live that one down. I left shortly after that to do my research in the Galápagos.

Lots has changed since those days…

Now I get to tag three more folks. I’ll choose Dan, Glenda, and Elaine. 🙂