I heart Glenda, Veerle, Geert, Anton, Snookums, Derek, Craig, Craig, Jeremy, Chip, Faruk, Rob, Matthew, Ralph, Fatty, Stuart, Pixeldiva, Matt, Darren, Sitepoint Orange, the posse that rescued me from that creepy guy in the bar, and flathicks. I wish I spent more time with Jeff, Nick, Dan, Richard, Jake, Dylan, Lachlan, Patrick, Bryan, Aarron, James, Barce, Lisa, Cameron, Cindy all the pMachine guys, and everyone in the first sentence. I wish Chris, Elaine, and Jon were there. I don’t heart VIP areas at closing parties, United Airlines, panels on two floors, or long lines to get into crowded bars. I wish I met everyone I didn’t meet. I wish I didn’t meet only about two people that I met. The highlight, if I had to pick just one, was telling Jeremy that I keep his book in the bathroom. Which is true. I’m glad to be back home in the piney-wood hills with my little family, and I can’t wait to go back to the wonderland where I can party all night with geeks from all over the world.