In the last couple of days I have soft-launched version 4 of Any craziness you have been seeing with the RSS feeds should be resolved now.

My goal with this version was to bring all the different aspects of my life together in one place, and to have the site feel like it represents where I am in my life at this point. Colors are brighter that they were before, and animals play a huge part in the site as they do in my life. There is a new logo-mascot, and my mammal and bird life-lists are a major feature. I have a backlog of data to fill in to the animal section, which is my favorite part of the new site. Brian and I spend a lot of time bird and mammal watching, and now we have a place to record what we’ve seen and to feature photos and videos we’ve taken of the critters. I have a bunch of videos from Australia that will be going up soon.

I also have a lifestream (the Diversions section) that pulls in my data from my other online forays— my tweets, links, books I’m currently reading, etc. And of course there are also the articles which I plan to devote a bit more time to in the near future.

The site is now running on ExpressionEngine, and I will write more about that soon. I still have a bit of work to do with some of the finer details and the IE6 compatibility, but I wanted to get the site out there and let everyone start enjoying it. I call this version “Finnegan”, which is the name of the owl. I’ve always wanted to name one of my pets Finnegan, and now I have. Finny is wise and shares his wisdom with us all in his “Thought of the Day” in the footer of the main page.