For some really want to have an archive of all my online data. Maybe because I don’t have kids or something. But I think just like how we like to go through old letters to learn more about our ancestors, someday someone will want to go through this stuff to learn more about me or the crazy time I live in. I just feel like I need to have a personal history.

I like the idea of this file-based, no database CMS. The simplicity appeals to me. I think I have been overwhelmed with all the noise in the past few years, and I really need a way to find the signal again. Maybe this could help do that.

What I’m not sure about is how to get all my other data in here, and if I should really worry about it or not. Twitter is going all nuts with it’s restrictions, and after March 2013 won’t support RSS anymore. So I will not be able to use that to pull in and archive my tweets like I am doing now with WordPress. I think the WP solution has already stopped working (thanks, Twitter). So my options are:

  1. Find a way to tweet from my own site and send copies to Twitter, so the original is always mine.
  2. Find some other way to archive my tweets (maybe not worry about displaying them on my site– just make sure I have a copy)
  3. Stop worrying about it, and just let the tweets live on Twitter and be subject to Twitter’s whims. Embrace the transient nature of my tweets. This doesn’t sit right with me, although it would certainly be the easiest solution.

I tend to like Option 1 the best, but I am not sure how to set it up with Statamic. Maybe using This would introduce a lag between the writing of a tweet and it’s appearance on, which would complicate conversations. Is there some other script I can use to instantly push tweets over? Of course, this method wouldn’t archive my @replies. I have kind of already let them go, though, because there is so much noise associated with my username and @replies.