I am still trying to figure out the best system for writing.

I set this set site up with a “Private” section that doesn’t display on the public site so that I could write whatever I want and not have to worry about editing my thoughts– if it can’t be public I can just set it to private and be done with it. However, I realized that 90% of what I was writing was private. I am writing amazing amounts, more than ever before, but it is not for the public. So it doesn’t make much sense to put it in a place where the default state is public and making something private is a kind of a hack.

Then I stumbled on Day One, which is a journaling app that syncs across devices and has an interface that I really like writing in. It also saves its articles as XML so I can easily get them out if I want to. There is also an app called Slogger which will pull in all my various social media posts, so Day One becomes my hub. Which is what I have been wanting all along, while thinking that the hub needed to be public. Maybe it doesn’t, since, really, the only one that cares is me.

So I am going to go with that setup for a while and see where it takes me. I would really like to have a way to easily write something there and have the file converted to the correct format for Statamic and SFTPed to this site when I choose to make something public. For now, though, it is much easier to pull into Day One than to push from it, so I will try to write from both places.