The Best Web Development Languages I Use

Web development is a skill I have honed through practice and a greater understanding of concepts. To do this, one must know how to write codes in different languages; however, it is also useful if you only know one. If you want to become a well-rounded developer, then I advise that you start learning more than three languages as soon as possible, just like me!

Because web development has been my career ever since I have developed proficiency in many languages, and in this article, I will be discussing the best ones that I use the most.


Python is always my go-to language if ever I’ll be working on a long and tedious problem. It is one of the languages that shows promising results, and its user base is also in a very steady amount, meaning that its existence will last for a very long time. Python is best used for projects that have anything involving machine learning and also AI. Aside from that, Python is also known for its flexibility; working on different platforms and systems allows for a smooth-sailing project.


Versatility and ubiquity, these two words are more than enough to describe Java. However, of course, there are still some things that I want to say to explain why Java has been on my best-of list. First off, it is straightforward to learn, meaning that you’ll spend more time on actually using it in a professional setting rather than trying to learn the ropes and practicing all the time.

Java is also known for its stability and reliability as a whole, making it the right choice for big projects, especially those that are about to go online in a massive user base.


For its positions and many developers’ current behavior, it is safe to say that JavaScript is the best programming language to use when entirely focused on web development. Many web developers prefer this over anything else mainly because of its capability to produce interactive elements that are now a big deal for many websites.

JavaScript is also generally faster to work on when compared to other languages. Not only that, but it is also an excellent language to use when it comes to front-end development. Put that JavaScript excels well in designing user interfaces and providing a good experience for internet users.

I use many languages from time to time, but these three are so far the best, mainly because of their functions and how they affect my workflow.

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