Twister is convinced I have forgotten how to tell time and is determined to make me realize that I am so far 45 minutes late with his food. I keep telling him I understand and I am doing it on purpose and I have my reasons and he’ll eat in about 1/2 hour, but he is not getting it.

Twister ran in his very first group agility seminar today. It was quite an event! He did great, and also had some creative moments. Love his enthusiasm, and love seeing him tired out.

One of my favorite things about dog agility is that everyone competes against everyone else– no gender separation of either dogs or handlers.

Twister loved watching Westminster agility, especially the runs where the handlers had microphones. I have a feeling that agility is going to be very “verbal” with him, on both our parts. 🙂

Twister’s toy drive is so high that he got mud from his paw on my forehead jumping to get the toy. I have a lot to learn, since all my other dogs have been all about the food!

Samba had an amazing weekend, going 5 for 7 at the USDAA trial– her best trial ever. Love my little teammate! Thank you @Susan Moorehead for bringing Samba into my life, and thank you @Carolina Piedmont Agility for another fun trial.