This is unlikely to make sense to anyone but me, but here are some notes the site so I can remember them in the future.


WordPress chosen because of the IndieWeb plugins. I am not a fan of WordPress– it is over-engineered for my purposes. But the whole reason for getting this site back online was to own my data through POSSE, and the WP ecosystem seemed like the path of least resistance for now. My goal is to use the bare minimum of plugins to do what I need to do.


  • Indieweb
    • ISSUES
      • The main plugin is supposed to add rel-me links from the author profile to the <head>. This is not working for me– I had to hardcode the rel-me links into the theme header.
    • Webmention
    • Semantic-Linkbacks
      • ISSUES
        • Links are not populating automatically when posts are syndicated, through either SNAP or Bridgy Publish. See Github issue.
    • Micropub: To post from Quill
    • Post Kinds: To use IndieWeb post types
    • Semantic Linkbacks: To display Webmentions nicely
    • IndieAuth
    • Microformats 2
    • NOT USED: Bridgy Publish, Simple Location
  • Jetpack
    • Everything disabled except Markdown posting, XML sitemaps, and brute force attack protection
  • SNAP to syndicate content to silos. Reposting capabilities unused.
    • Current silos = Twitter and Facebook
      • Look into adding Goodreads
    • Posting immediately based on tag filter


Right now theme is Independent Publisher. I will soon make a child theme because I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of tinkering.

  • Had to hardcode rel-me links into theme header
  • Had to hardcode u-url class into content.php line 27 to get Bridgy to auto discover web mentions from syndicated posts

To Do

  • Figure out syndication-links bug
  • Fix display of post kinds that don’t have title
  • Turn off display of WP bookmark post format arrow box that still shows when no title. (This post format is set automatically by Quill for likes and bookmarks.)
  • Fix display of WP post format Aside. Figure out when Quill uses aside vs. status. Prefer status.
  • Transfer overall typography and colors from Jekyll site
  • Strip all theme CSS, and rebuild with grid
  • Strip all extraneous scripts and stylesheets. WP adds a ton of these, why?
  • Fix those whiskers. Sheesh. They’re all I can see.


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