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Front-end web person. My official title is actually still "Webmaster".

Andrea Arbogast

Editorial: Vegas, MySpace, and the Tyranny of Taste

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The entire Internet should not be a sea of parallax-scrolling Helvetica/Georgia-fonted whitespace and giant photo sites. The Internet is wonderful because of its diversity in styles as well as opinions. Back in the first Internet boom, a book came out that I treasured: Fresh Styles for Web Designers. I did not like all the styles that were showcased. In fact, I didn’t like most of them. But it celebrated an aesthetic of individual expression over slavish adherence to a single standard. I reveled in possibility of an Internet that looks like the buildings on the streets on San Francisco and the faces on its buses. I celebrate a human Internet.
— Christina Wodke

I have often felt myself feeling empty and wanting more the web than what the current design trend of the day has to offer. Remember pixel fonts? Bubbly Web 2.0? Wicked worn? All overproduced, just like that pop music I can't stand. We need a more singer-songwriter web.