April 23, 2024

About Me

Hi there! I’m Andrea Arbogast, and I’m a professional web developer. I currently consider this as my career, and I’ve been doing this for more than a decade. On that note, you can easily rely on everything that I will post since I mostly use my judgment and personal experience on them, and I think that if you implement them in your routine, you’ll have the best results immediately.


I decided to make a blog site mainly because I want to have a platform to share my thoughts and knowledge about development. I firmly believe that anyone can become a developer, not just someone who is focused on website building but even those that are doing all-around tasks. With my website, I aim to help more people get inspired to take web development either as a hobby or even as a full-merged career.


I have done many projects in the past as well, and they all did pretty great! The key to managing and making a project succeed will always be understanding. If you understood the project deeply enough, there’s no way that you’re failing it. I have applied this principle in all of my projects, and the results are positive! This principle is also something that I want to spread to everyone.


I also want to use this platform to widen my reach and expand my network. I want to find fellow developers with the same perspectives and build a friendship around it! That said, I highly appreciate it if you give me feedback and suggestions as well, so feel free to contact me if you have anything in your mind!


This website will be dedicated to anything about web development or being a web developer in general. I will post topics mostly about tips and guides on how to become a better web developer. I’m also planning to include posts about analysis of current trends and what to expect in the future.


I have been a newbie web developer at some point, but I could outgrow myself and become even better. I did all of this from learning through different sources and practicing with various projects many times. Doing this required time and effort, but with enough determination, I believe that anyone can take on web development and emerge victoriously!


I’m hoping for my website to reach more people so that web development will be a lot bigger as more people will be involved in it. Always stay tuned, and please look forward to my blog posts!